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Interactive SDD Meeting on Fighting Discrimination and Racism

Vaishnavi Ramlochan Tewarie, AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe B. V. 

On Thursday, 22nd of June, we had an interactive meeting in The Hague to conclude the “Smart for Democracy and Diversity” (SDD) project. An online game was developed that is intended for everyone. With this, the project aims to contribute to the strengthening of a democratic and diverse society.

On this informative afternoon, guest speaker Luciano Dundas of the Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Foundation (Idb) spoke about racism and discrimination. He is a complaint handler and coordinator of Broad Accessibility Anti-Discrimination Facility. Luciano also gave information about the Idb foundation. After this, the participants asked Luciano questions and engaged in conversation with him.

Then the SDD project was discussed. The participants played the online learning game and were introduced to how the game can be used in workshops on discrimination and racism. Foundation Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination (Idb) will also make use of this. Finally, participants discussed with each other why they chose certain options in the game. It was noticeable that not every racist or discriminatory situation is always well recognized and therefore it is important to make everyone aware of this.

More about the game

SDD’s online educational game shows participants the complexity of discrimination in the form of a detective game, in which a painting is stolen from the museum. The game is based on real life experiences of people experiencing discrimination. Go to the website to play the game:

Anti-discrimination foundation Idb

Foundation iDb is committed to an open, safe, and inclusive society. The foundation is an antidiscrimination agency that identifies, prevents, and combats discrimination and unequal treatment in the Hollands Midden and Haaglanden region with the goal that citizens can go to their immediate surroundings for assistance when they experience discrimination. For more information, go to: For informative coverage of equal treatment legislation and topics via social media, go to:

About SDD

Implemented by seven partner organizations from six European countries, the Smart for Democracy and Diversity project aims to develop an anti-racist learning tool for adults. Visit the website for more information:

Interactive SDD Meeting on Fighting Discrimination and Racism