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SDD Game Trainer mode

Welcome to the SDD Game Trainer mode. It is designed for adult educators and other teachers and offers the possibility to create workshops about different discrimination topics. Start now!

Step-by-step to your SDD Workshop

SDD Introduction

1 Introduction

The Introduction section describes and introduces all the necessary steps needed to create and share a SDD Workshop.

SDD Learning materials

In the Learning materials section, you will find different SDD materials to gain background knowledge on the topic of discrimination.

SDD Learning topics

In the Learning topics section, you will find all the information needed to learn about possible workshop topics.

SDD Workshop generation

4 Workshop generation

In the Workshop generation section, you will find all the information you need to set up a workshop within the SDD Game.

1 Introduction

On this page, you have the possibility to get useful information about the different possible learning topics of discrimination and learn how to generate your own SDD Workshop.

In section 2 Learning materials you can approach the topic of discrimination through SDD learning materials and gain knowledge about different teaching methods in this context with the SDD Trainer Manual and the SDD Compendium.

Following this, you will be able to view the various discrimination topics available in the SDD Game and familiarise yourself with the characters in section 3 Learning topics.

Then section 4 Workshop generation will explain how to use the SDD Game to create your own SDD Workshop and share its unique code with your audience.

2 Learning materials

In this section you will find documents to get useful background knowledge on the topic of discrimination. This includes the SDD Compendium, which was elaborated through interviews with affected persons and covers the topic of discrimination and hate speech in a holistic way. It includes personal experiences and recommendations for strategies to deal with discrimination.

In addition, the SDD Trainer Manual offers various thought-provoking impulses on the topic of discrimination, as well as various teaching methods for development in workshop environments.

Below you can download the SDD Compendium in the following languages: English (EN), Czech (CZ), German (DE), French (FR), Italian (IT), Dutch (NL) and Portuguese (PT).

Below you can download the SDD Trainer Manual in the following languages: English (EN), Czech (CZ), German (DE), French (FR), Italian (IT), Dutch (NL) and Portuguese (PT).

3 Learning topics

The SDD Game offers a set of scenes, each associated with a concrete learning topic related to a certain kind of discrimination experienced subconsciously and unconsciously by each of the characters below. In this section you will find all the information needed to identify which characters and learning topics you want to include in your workshop. In the SDD Game scenes, the player has the possibility to support the character through various response options or to make the situation even worse.

Keep in mind that the SDD Workshops will not give the whole background story of the SDD Game, but rather work directly on the different discriminatory topics and scenes selected. For understanding the context of the dialogues in the chosen scenes, the SDD Workshop learners will get information at the beginning of the SDD Game scenes.

Have a look at the characters and learning topics below and think about which related scenes you want to include in your SDD Workshop!

Racism – Racial profiling


The term “racial profiling” describes the practice of police controls, which single out individuals for searches or arrests based on stereotypical assumptions about racialised features such as skin colour, religion, language, etc.

Racism – Anti-Muslim racism

SDD Amina

Discrimination against Muslims, described by the term “anti-Muslim racism”, is based on stereotypical, negative assumptions about Muslim culture or religion.

Racism – Everyday racism


Affected people can daily experience racist discrimination in the digital and analogue spheres. Those racist actions are based on ideologies which devalue individuals based on their physical appearance or supposed cultural, and religious backgrounds.


The term “transphobia” describes hate, fear and rejection of trans*-persons. The word “trans*” describes people, who don’t identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. Therefore, they don’t conform to cisgender norms, which imagine a binary system in which there are only two genders/sexes, male and female.

Anti-Roma sentiment
João Silva

“Anti-Roma sentiment” describes a specific form of racism, namely the discrimination and violence against, as well as the exclusion of Sinti and Roma based on deeply rooted stereotypes.


The term “sexism” describes discrimination against people based on their sex or gender. Like other forms of discrimination, sexism against women, inter-, and trans*-persons has structural dimensions due to the organisation of our society.

SDD Dr. Katarina Georg
Dr. Katarina Georg

“Anti-Semitism” describes the hate, mistrust, and rejection of Jewish people, based on stereotypical assumptions about them, which can lead to violence against Jewish individuals, synagogues, memorials, etc.


These stereotypes have been around for many centuries and still influence societal perceptions. There are various conspiracy theories…

4 Workshop generation

In this section, you get an explanation on how you can select the learning topics and generate your own SDD Workshop in the SDD Game. You will receive a unique code that you can then pass on to your SDD Workshop learners, who simply have to enter it into the start menu of the SDD Game.

Steps for creating your SDD Workshop code and share it with your workshop learners:

Start the SDD Game via the SDD e-learning platform on the website and click on the “Create a Workshop” button in the menu.
Select all the learning topics (scenes) that you want to include in your SDD Workshop. When a scene is selected it will be indicated with a green background, like in the example below “Racism/ racial profiling”. In addition, you can tick the box below the list of learning topics to include them all in your SDD Workshop! When doing that please keep in mind the overall duration of your SDD Workshop, as you will need at least 30 minutes for each of the selected learning topics.
Once all the scenes of your SDD Workshop have been selected, click “Generate” to generate your unique SDD Workshop code.
Once generated, your SDD Workshop code will be displayed in the yellow box. This code is unique and can only be generated once, so please save it. You just have to copy the code, in the example “EOM742”, and share it with your learners. For that, you can also click the blue “Copy code” button appearing above the yellow box.
After copying the SDD Workshop code, you can share it with your learners and close the window by clicking on the red “X” button.
The learners just need to click on the “Insert a workshop code” button of the SDD Game, insert the code and your personalised SDD Workshop will automatically start!