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In the spotlight: AGE Platform Europe

Partner AGE Platform Europe joined the SDD project because protection against age discrimination, pr…

The Characters of the SDD game
The SDD Game Development

The SDD educational game will be online soon, find out more about it!

Hate speech online: new data from the European Commission

The results of the latest evaluation of the EU Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech onl…

International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation
International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation

SHINE, AFEdemy and the Nursing School of Coimbra are organising a conference on November 8th and 9th…

Meet Gianpaolo, co-founder of the Italian LGBTQ+ movement

Today we continue with Gianpaolo, who co-founded the Italian LGBTQ+ movement and will tell us more a…

Meet Romana, who left her partner after experiencing domestic violence

Today we meet Romana, who left her partner after experiencing domestic violence and will tell us mor…

SDD Meet Marion (EN)
Meet Marion, story of a gypsy in Europe

Today we meet Marion, daughter of a Roma mother and Portuguese father, who will tell us more about t…

SDD Meet Tobias (EN)
Tobias: being discriminated against because of his skin colour

Meet Tobias, son of a black father and white mother. In the Compendium Experiencing Hate Speech he t…

SDD Newsletter #1
SDD Newsletter #01 just released (March 2022 EN)

The first newsletter of the Smart for Democracy and Diversity (SDD) Project has just been released.

SDD Interview with Bob Kurik
Interview with SDD partner Bob Kurik, Charles University Prague

To daily face racism or hate speech is one time event that leads to a 1,000 needles that hurt Europe…

SDD Interview with Jesper Schulze
Change of perspective may open up your world

Because it is important to be aware of your own patterns of behaviour and thinking in relation to di…

I tell you also in Latin, I am a citizen here
SDD test workshop in Italy

A lively discussion with productive inputs for the revision of the storyboard of the SDD education…

Test workshops in Germany

We completed the test workshops for the storyboard successfully in Germany. We have collected a lot …

Interview phase in Germany

As in all European partner countries, an interview phase was scheduled at the beginning of the SDD p…

SHINE has guided the SDD workshops in Portugal

The SDD game content were evaluated in several workshops

SDD Workshops held in the Netherlands by AFEdemy
SDD Workshops held in the Netherlands by AFEdemy

For an appealing and realistic gaming experience, the game content written by the SDD partners was e…

Writing of the scenes for the SDD Educational Game

Based on the interviews conducted at the beginning of the project, all SDD partners develop content …

Picture of our homepage and the selection of languages
The contents of our SDD homepage are now available in seven different languages!

We are happy to announce, that the SDD homepage (Smart for Democracy and Diversity) is now available…

Our SDD Compendium (ENGLISH version): "Experiencing Hate Speech: Responses, Coping Strategies & Interventions”
Now available: SDD Compendium “Experiencing Hate Speech: Responses, Coping Strategies & Interventions”

Based on various interviews with people who experienced hate speech and national reports from our pr…

First page of the SDD flyer
New project leaflet available!

The new project flyer is available in English, German, Dutch, Czech, Italian and French.

Logo of the Chronicles of ordinary racism campaign
Chronicles of Ordinary Racism

Documenting racism, discrimination and hate speech in Italy

SDD and Carina speaking
SDD presented in the Interactions Symposium, Portugal

Carina Dantas, from SHINE 2Europe presented SDD to over 200 people at the Interactions Symposium in …

Kick-off meeting on 27 January 21

The project's kick-off meeting took place online on the 3rd of December 2020 with the participation …