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SDD test workshop in Italy

I tell you also in Latin, I am a citizen here

By Sergio Andreis

The workshop has taken place in presence, with the participation of six of the persons interviewed for the Italian SDD National Summary and three Lunaria co-workers.

The agenda has included updates of the project development after the interviews; a general storyboard presentation and the reading, with the following specific discussion, about scenes 5.1 and 5.2; the collection of improvement suggestions through the collective answering of the questionnaire shared by the German Colleagues.

The SDD educational game is a new approach for Italy’s anti-discrimination work and this should be kept in mind, in terms of needed explanations and clarifications, when developing the next project steps with the Italian audience.

I tell you also in Latin, I am a citizen here
“I tell you also in Latin, I am a citizen here”

Overall there was consensus on the positive assessment of the project value, feedback has included the suggestions to make characters as realistic and as non-stereotyped as possible; to keep the storyboard concise and simple; to develop a user-friendly game enhancing multiplying effects, i.e. easily accessible also for groups and NGOs which have no previous gaming experiences.