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SDD Meet Marion (EN)

Meet Marion, a history of a Romni in Portugal

Today we meet Marion, daughter of a Roma mother and Portuguese father, who will tell us more about the discrimination and hate speech she experiences.

SDD Interview with Bob Kurik

Interview with SDD partner Bob Kurik, Charles University Prague

To daily face racism or hate speech is one time event that leads to a 1,000 needles that hurt European citizens every day. This is affecting the lives of many European citizens who look or are different from mainstream. The tragedy of non-intervention is another striking learning point from the experts who are involved in the Smart for Democracy and Diversity project. Bob Kurik, anthropologist from Charles University Prague (CZ) pledges for a culture of civic courage.

SDD Interview with Jesper Schulze

Change of perspective may open up your world

Because it is important to be aware of your own patterns of behaviour and thinking in relation to discrimination, ISIS Sozialforschung initiated the SDD project. In an interview initiator Jesper Schulze of ISIS explains more about the background.

I tell you also in Latin, I am a citizen here

SDD test workshop in Italy

A lively discussion with productive inputs for the revision of the
storyboard of the SDD educational game.

Test workshops in Germany

We completed the test workshops for the storyboard successfully in Germany. We have collected a lot of material and can now go into the revision phase with this valuable knowledge.

Interview phase in Germany

As in all European partner countries, an interview phase was scheduled at the beginning of the SDD project. The content of the interviews is the most important building block of the project and is supposed to ensure the authenticity of the content.

SDD Workshops held in the Netherlands by AFEdemy

SDD Workshops held in the Netherlands by AFEdemy

For an appealing and realistic gaming experience, the game content written by the SDD partners was evaluated and improved in several workshops with persons concerned.